[Upcoming Events] Katsunuma Grape Festival 2018

By Yuri Yuhara
(updated in Sep 18, 2018)

One of the biggest grape producers in the country, Katsunuma region is known throughout Japan as the best destination for wine connoisseurs. During the entire year it is possible to take part in guided tours in several wineries, where you can taste the local wine, but the grape harvest season in the late spring and autumn is undoubtedly the best time for it.

The Katsunuma Grape Festival is held every year in order to show gratitude for the year's harvest and to wish success for the next year. The attractions includes grapes and wine tasting and also artistic and cultural performances, such as the kodomo mikoshi (a parade where children carry the portable shrine called mikoshi), the Toriiyaki (when bonfires  forming the shape of the shinto shrines portal are lit), and the Katsunuma Odori dance.


To show gratitude for this year's grape harvest and wine production, there will be booths offering free wine and grape juice tasting.
In addition, visitors who purchase the exclusive wine glass of the event, sold for 1000 yen, will be able to visit booths of several wineries and taste the specialty wine of each one!
Bottles of wine will also be sold at the event.


Visitors will be able to taste the typical grape from Yamanashi, the Koshu grape, which has more than 1,300 years of history and tradition in this region.

There will also be many food and drinks stalls!

Katsunuma Grape Festival 2018

When: October 6th (Sat)
Place: Katsunuma Central Park (Katsunuma Chuo Koen Hiroba)


By car: 5 minutes from the Katsunuma IC
By train: 10 min by shuttle bus (300 yen) from Katsunuma Budokyo station from JR Chuo line, or
15 minutes by shuttle bus (300 yen) from Enzan station, from the JR Chuo line.

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