Enjoying Yamanashi's wine at Hoshino Resort RISONARE Yatsugatake

 By  Yuri Yuhara

The Yatsugatake mountain range is located in the border of Yamanashi and Nagano Prefectures and it is famous not only by its stunning nature that changes in various ways throughout the seasons and by the 2,899m peak Mt. Akadake and the 3,192.6m Mt. Kitadake, but also by the Kiyosato Highland, which stretches out the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake, where you can find the accommodations facilities of Seisen Ryo, hotels, pensions, art museums, restaurants, and enjoy a splendid view of the night sky full of stars.

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A great option for those who want to spent a couple of days in the area is the Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Yatsugatake, located 5 min by free shuttle bus from Kobuchizawa Station, from JR Koumi Line.

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Starting with the accommodations, Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Yatsugatake was designed to make visitors enjoy Yatsugatake's nature and specialties as much as possible. The wine themed room was decorated with, of course, wine color palete and has Yatsugatake's mountains drawn in its walls. The room is also equipped with luxury coffee utilities and has a gorgeous terrace, from where it is possible to enjoy  the night sky view while drinking wine.

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Drink wine in your room is a great way of relaxing, but before that what about tasting some of the most famous wines from Yamanashi at the wine cellar located right next to the main building? After choosing 2 of your favorite wines, add some snacks and bring them to the room in this smart designed box.

Wine Box

The resort offers several activities for pleasing both children and grown-ups. During summer, the busiest time for the resort as Yatsugatake, with its pleasant temperatures and beautiful scenery, is an ideal destination for family summer vacations, outdoor activities as horse riding and forest walking courses (5-7m above the ground), and the big wave indoor pool (where you can also try SUP) are extremely popular. 

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Summer is also the harvest season of several fruits as peaches and grapes, and guests can have fun with fruit picking in partner farms utilizing the shuttle service, and enjoy Yatsugatake vegetables in one of the hotel restaurants. Adults seeking a relaxing time can try the Vino SPA, that offers treatments with ingredients produced in Yatsugatake.

Most activities are also offered to day-trip visitors and restaurants, shops, SPA and pool facilities are open for non-guests. During off season, Yamanashi and Nagano Prefectures residents can enjoy the pool paying half of the fixed price.

YYgrill Restaurant

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Different events are held during all year at the resort shopping street, called Piman Doori, that receives special decoration for Halloween (more information here), illumination for Christmas and a flower carpet for the spring, and so on.

The resort's traditional Wine Resort Festa will be held on November 18th and 19th of this year, with 15 wineries from Yamanashi and Nagano Prefectures offering their most famous wines for tasting and buying, while live musical performances help to create a relaxed atmosphere for the event. In Yamanashi, the fresh wine produced this year start being appreciated after November 3rd, when the Yamanashi Nouveu is held, and during the Wine Resort Festa you can learn more about these wines and the best food combinations for them (and of course try the nouveu wines) at a special lounge. Guided tours through wineries and grape farms, make your own glass experience, classes about wine glasses and harmonizations and many other activities will also be offered for all wine lovers.

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As a wine lover
myself, I definitely would like to check out RISONARE's accommodations and the Wine Resort Festa!

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