The Ichikawa Daimon Firework Festival

The annual Ichikawa Daimon Firework Festival was held this past Friday on August 7th. The fireworks were absolutely beautiful!  Many Japanese as well as foreigners gathered to view the beautiful fireworks display, also enjoying the many different foods and games avaiable at the festival. The festival provided an opportunity to enjoy the company of friends under a magnificently illuminated sky, while indulging in delicious Japanese food from the local vendors.

Just some anonymous goofballs
A local vendor selling festival wares

Rainbow fireworks!
 With countless patterns and colors, these fireworks were easily some of the best I have seen. The brilliantly-colored lights illuminated the sky with wonderful shapes, ranging from the standard bursts that look like flowers to wilting tree-like shapes, to rings and waves. The colors from different fireworks often blended together, creating new colors even more radiant than before.
Unfortunately, in order to get to the festival, we had to commute for an hour by train because public transportation was so busy. The fireworks festival was that popular. People crowded onto the train, squeezing into the smallest corners where they would fit, with others clinging to the handles to maintain their balance. Everyone arrived safely to the festival, but boy were we packed tight in there!

And the wait was well worth it. These fireworks were absolutely stunning!
Radiant red fireworks burst out from behind vendor stand
They look like tropical trees!

Beautifully reflected fireworks

Fireworks that burst into ring shapes