Fuji Ballet 2015 Performance at Fuji Kawaguchiko

This past Thursday night we had the opportunity to enjoy the Mörbisch Lake Festival, a performance by an Austrian theater group. The group came to Kawaguchiko-machi

in Yamanashi Prefecture to perform an Operetta called Bat. This was the first time the group performed abroad, but the professional cast showed no signs that they were doing anything outside their normal routine.

The performance centered around a woman and her relationship with her husband and her lover, as she tried to keep her lover a secret from her husband through the very end. The play included themes of over-indulgence, self-determination, and revenge. 

The entire play was conducted in German with Japanese subtitles provided for the audience. Overall, the story was very engaging, with the actors faithfully recreating the characters on stage, reenacting realistic interactions between them, and making the story enjoyable and relatable in the process. The operetta even included a performance by Japanese ballerinas, in addition to the extra Japanese lines thrown into the play to appeal to the audience. The cast did an extraordinary job of maintaining the authenticity of the original performance while also including elements that made the performance relatable to those that attended the performance.

There were also a number of vendors offeringa wide variety of products to compliment the operetta experience. Wines, teas, and local specialties were on sale.

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