Visiting Syariah Hotel Fujisan

By Fadly Agustimahir

    A few weeks ago, my facebook timeline was being flooded by information about a sharia hotel in Japan. I questioned why they are using the name ‘Sharia Hotel’. What about this hotel makes it ‘Sharia’? Does it become ‘Sharia’ by not serving alcohol and pork? Or has a nearby Islamic center has inspected the hotel operation and food preparation and given it a 'sharia' or 'halal' certificate?

    On October 7th, 2016, my colleague and I visited the Syariah Hotel Fujisan in Fujikawaguchiko City, Yamanashi Prefecture. I have given below the hotel information and my own opinion after meeting and speaking with the hotel owner, Mr. Shigeru Yamashita.

    Targeting Muslim tourists, who are visiting Japan and especially Mount Fuji more and more every year, this hotel opened in July this year. Sadly, there were no tourist bookings there between the opening day and the day I visited. There has only been one Indonesian group, visiting for lunch.

    Rather than a hotel, I think this place is more of a hostel, for backpackers who take tours of Fujikawaguchi Lake and Mount Fuji. It has 2 floors with 8 rooms. Each room can be filled by 2 people, there is a qibla direction mark on each room, but there is no bathroom. A shared bathroom, kitchen, and washing machine are available for all guests.

     There is a prayer room on the second floor and a place for wudhu (washing before pray) on both floors. This hotel provides halal-certificated imported or Japan-made food and drink, as well as food and drink consumable for Muslim tourists. Lodging, dinner, and breakfast bills are separated.

     Currently this hotel doesn't have halal certification for hotel operation and food preparation, but what I respected most was the owner's good will towards preparing a Muslim-friendly facility in Japan. He is also cooperating with the Muslim community in Fujikawaguchiko to prepare this hotel and promoting preparation of Muslim-friendly conditions for other tourism facilities.
     For those who want to take a visit to this hotel, please see the url below.

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