Kayabuki Kominka in Fuefuki

by F. Agustimahir

Good afternoon!

It's been quite a long time since my last post on this blog. This time, I will introduce an old traditional house in Yamanashi prefecture.

This house is located in Kamiashigawa Village, Fuefuki City. It was built in Gassho-zukuri style. There are other places in Japan that are built in the same way. It is located right near a road that was used as the main road by merchants to reach Tokyo in the past.

That's why this place was used as a resting point for the merchants, so at that time there were many inns here. The roof looks like a kabuto samurai helmet (shaped like a stag beetle), so the village is called Kabuto no Mura or “Samurai Helmet Village.”

This house was renovated just 6 years ago. It’s a 300 years-old house! One of its points of interest is the roof material, which comes from a type of grass called kaya. So this roof needs to be changed at least once every several years.

This house is built with one floor and one attic. On the first floor, we can see traditional burners just as they are portrayed in Japanese films. Other than that, there are a few antique tools inside such as snow shoes and wicker baskets.

There are also other goods in the attic. The room is quite spacy, but it is limited by its low-hanging roof. The attic therefore functions more as a storage space.

Besides this house, there is a watermill. People living in the area are still using it.

For those who want to come here, it is necessary to use a private car because public transport is unavailable.

Here is the place. You can come between 10 AM to 5 PM. It is closed every Tuesday.

259 Kamiashigawa Ashigawa Fuefuki Yamanashi

See you on next article.

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