Enjoying wine and grapes from Fuefuki

Por André Amorim

Last weekend I went to Fuefuki to enjoy wine tasting and some local grape made products. Unfortunately, on Sunday the free bus tour was postponed due to bad weather, but we should not give up easily of knowing Yamanashi culture. So, at the Isawa Onsen station there is a shop where we can taste some wines (200 or 300 yen) and get useful information about current events.

I tried some wines and other snacks in there and at the shop just in front of the station. If you are a foreigner and can talk a little Japanese, can be so funny! Clerks are always so kind and they love to explain all about of the products (I think they became so proud for seeing a foreigner trying to express himself in their mother language. So, it became a great opportunity to practice it.)

Visitors could also try the onsen - hot spring - at a hotel two squares near the station (about 1,300 yen the entrance ticket and towel rent). And, of course, this neighborhood has the convenience of being so close to the train station. 

For my luck, Monday was holiday and had a nice weather which allowed my return to took the free bus tour. I went to Awake Market, where tried grapes, peach juice and wines. For my surprise there were two Brazilians working in there that day.

Last parade was a winery. For the whole time I spent in there were always lots of buses full of Japanese tourists coming to visit it. There are many types of white wines, juices, liquors (of peach and of matcha - the traditional Japanese green tea) and souvenirs – omiyages.

(photo by Monde winery)

And it was just the beginning. Lots of events about grapes and wines will take place in all the autumn, like Misaka and Katsunuma Grape festivals and Wine Tour Yamanashi. Take a look at these sites for more details:

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