[Upcoming Events] Autumn Illumination at Shosenkyo

By Yuri Yuhara

Part of the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park, Shosenkyo Gorge (or Shosenkyo Valley), located near Kofu City, is a beautiful area and one of the top destinations in Yamanashi Prefecture for those who want to enjoy the autumn leaves, momiji.

The most famous part of Shosenkyo is the 30m high waterfall called Sengataki, near which are located souvenir shops and restaurants, and from where departs the cable car that takes to an observation point with panoramic view to Minami Alps an Mt. Fuji, on clear days.

Hiking fans can get to Sengataki walking through a 4 km trail full of centenary trees and stunning views along the Arakawa river, departing from Shosenkyo Tozanguchi bus stop, but other options would be to get off the bus at the Greenline Shosenkyo stop, one kilometer from the Sengataki Fall, or at Shosenkyo Taki Ue, next to the cable car station.

During this autumn, two events will make Shosenkyo even more colorful!
From October 20th to November 25th, Sengataki Fall will receive a special illumination, making the autumn nights brighter, and on October 20th, 21st and 22nd, 3000 bamboo lanterns will be light up in the area while Japanese traditional instruments performances are held, in a event called Shosenkyo Takeakari. 


Shosenkyo Takeakari
October 20th, 21st e 22nd (Friday to Sunday)
From 5pm to 8:30pm

Shosenkyo Sengataki Light Up
From October 20th to November 25th
From sunset until 9pm

By bus: 30m from Kofu Station until Shosenkyo Tozanguchi

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