[Upcoming Events] Yamanashi Bacon Festival 2017

By Yuri Yuhara

The first Bacon Festival in Japan!

Ohhh Bacon! Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like bacon?

Bacon isn’t often used in traditional Japanese cuisine, but this delicious ingredient became popular among the Japanese population and now it is part of many beloved dishes, like the okonomiyaki, a Japanese style pancake usually sold at festivals.
And for the bacon lovers living in the land of the rising sun, on November 3rd Japan’s first Bacon Festival will be held in Yamanashi, more specifically in the heart of Kofu city!

Inspired on the festival from our sister state, Iowa, where the worldwide famous Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival it is held every year gathering thousands of bacon lovers, Japan’s first bacon festival will bring the genuine American bacon from Iowa to Kofu!

Visitors can enjoy American-style and Japanese-style bacon, pork inspired cuisine from 20 restaurants, drinks, food demonstrations, live music performances, bacon filled contests and much more. The Bacon Queen from Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival and the international bacon fellowship will also be there!

The Festival will be held at the same time in two different venues: at the historical park located in the north exit of Kofu Station, where attendees will find the Iowa state booth, face painting stand for children, handmade goods shops and so on, and at the Fountain Plaza from Yamanashi Prefectural Office, where many restaurants will sell the best American style dishes. And in both you can try American bacon free of charge!

Yamanashi Bacon Festival
When: November 3rd, from 10am to 4pm  
Where: Historical Park at the north exit of Kofu Station and Fountain Plaza from Yamanashi Prefectural Office

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